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Moving Day - 12 Steps to Help You Get Through It

Whether you are buying or renting a new property, nerves are high. There are things that will be out of your control, banks, lawyers and even sometimes the movers you hired. I always work to ensure my clients are prepared ahead of time. Informing them that this day may or may not go as planned is part of my responsibility. Of course we all hope for a smooth transition. I have created this 12-step guide to help my clients through this process. I have been through this many many times and hope that you can utilitze some of lessons I learned the hard way.

Number 1

I would strongly advise to hire a moving company if you can. Moving day can often leave everyone exhausted and feeling a little frantic. Having a professional company to help you navigate the choppy waters of moving items from point a to b can be a big load off.

Number 2

Do NOT pack the day of the Move!!

I cannot stress this enough. Throwing things into boxes the day of will only add to your overall sense of chaos. Even if you think it won't take long, it will.

Number 3

Ensure your movers have Parking!

When I lived in a Toronto apartment I had a moving company cancel on me the morning of due to their perceived inability to find parking outside. Luckily a nicer moving company swooped in to help and didn’t have any issues. Let me tell you though it was very stressful for a couple hours finding help at the last minute. So maybe always have a back-up company number handy.

Number 4

Declutter, Donate and Sell!

This is your time to reinvent your life and change up your space. Every new home has a personality and you will be merging into a new energy. Now is the time to get rid of old papers, clothes that you have grown out of and whatever else is holding you back. No sense in holding onto things that are broken or you won’t wear again etc. Donate the items and feel good or sell them and make some pizza/wine money for moving day.

Number 5

Label Everything

My best advice for this is to label the side of all your boxes with the room that they will be going to. This helps movers and will help you in the long run. Also by putting the label on the side you can stack the boxes and still see where they need to go.

Number 6

Wrap your fragile Items!

I would also suggest you take pictures of valuables ahead of time for insurance purposes. I had an experience where the moving truck I had loaded my things onto was in an accident. Everyone was ok but the truck actually had to be replaced mid move which meant unpacking and repacking the truck in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Many things were damaged and when it came to insurance it would have been helpful if I had pictures to submit. Lesson learned so now I’m passing it onto you.

Number 7

Wake up Early

Probably a good idea to be ready for when the movers arrive to help. Set your alarm so that you don’t oversleep. Leave your coffee out or whatever fuel you need to get going in the morning. You will need it. Maybe even designate someone to do a coffee/breakfast run. Delegate some responsibilities and don’t try to carry the weight all on your own shoulders.

Number 8

Wear Comfy Clothes and Good Shoes

You will likely be doing lots of walking to check on things throughout the day. This is not the best time to wear the shoes you need to break in. Just like when you have a long travel day, you want to be comfortable. Plan what you are going to wear prior to packing everything away.

Number 9

Keep your Phone Charged!

This day will likely be full of calls - everyone from movers, lawyers, banks, family, and friends. The last thing you need to worry about is finding a charger in a box somewhere.

Number 10

Pets and Children

Have a plan. Enlist the help of Friends and Family who could maybe help watch your family fIT’s a big change and it’s best to keep our littles out of the way. Create a bag just for them with activities and snacks. For pets bring their favorite toys and blankets to the new space, it will help them adjust easier to the change in environment. Keep your energy light. Animals and children are especially sensitive to how their people are feeling and by handling the stress well you set the tone.

Number 11

Leave Out Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Just as you hope your new space is ready, you should leave your old one clean for the new people. As a courtesy do a final walk through once everything is loaded on the truck. If you need to sweep, vacuum or wipe things down now is the time. You will be repaid in karma points. Just be a good human.

Number 12

Forward your mail! This is one of those last minute details that often gets forgotten. It only takes a few minutes, you need to fill out a form at your local post office. In the city you may be able to do this online via a webform.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new home!

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