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A Small Window - Happy 50th Anniversary Vanleena Dance Academy!

Ashley Feschuk

REALTOR®, Entrepreneur, Business Developer

My clients often wonder about me as a person. They are curious as to how I ended up on the Island and what kind of person I am. Here is a brief window into how I grew up and where I developed some of the skills that I use to help my clients sell/buy homes. I was asked to write this letter as part of the Vanleena Dance Academy Alumni in honor of their 50th Anniversary Celebration. It seems I’ve been asked to put myself “out there" a lot lately, between this and the Lady Ball (Ovarian Cancer Society Canada) I am so humbled and full of gratitude.

At first, when I arrived at Vanleena, I was the new girl who had no confidence at all. My primary (only) support was my Grandmother who understood the importance of “it takes a village” and she felt that the trusted hands of Mrs. Lacasse (Kehree) and Mrs. Vanneck was the place for me to grow and become the person I am today.

I slowly became the girl who cleaned the studio to help my grandparents pay for my classes. Often I would be there before the doors were unlocked until closing time. It was my safe space.

I eventually became the girl who had the opportunity to teach on Saturday mornings.

Later on I was the one who danced with Utah Ballet, Walnut Hill and did various other film and Television Projects.

Without Vanleena I would not be where I am today. Today I champion for other women who are developing small businesses and help them to grow their companies. The skills I use daily are ones I learned in the studio, Creativity, Determination, Discipline and Poise.

As I write this I am surrounded by my Rescue Horses on Prince Edward Island where I have carved out a happy life for myself, against all odds. Thank-you Vanleena and Happy 50th Anniversary.

I am grateful to you.

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